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FIX Marketer is a movement to get better results for small local business owners. FIX stands for: Framework, Identity, X Factor.

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About Jason Weaver

1 College course and hundreds of local small businesses helped later, you get the FIX Marketer playbook.

I now run a lifestyle business internet marketing agency, Local Web Marketing System. I live in east Idaho where many vacation and provide internships to the rising generation.

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Rave Book Reviews

"This book has great information on how to actually improve your rankings and other ways to get more traffic. It is not just the philosophy of it, but actually shows you how to do it..."

- Derek Ostler on Amazon

"This book is packed with valuable information local business owners can use to grow their business with a top-notch digital marketing plan. Frankly, buying the book is worth it just for the one-page marketing plan Jason provides at the beginning of the book, along with the 7 Categories / Framework he also includes. This really is a must-read for business owners."

- Brad Friedman on Amazon

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I can't promise results but I can promise you that you can take control of your online marketing like so many others have.