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Fix Marketer Book

10 years of web marketing condensed into a playbook for you. Learn what actually works. 

1-Page Marketing Plan

Simple no nonsense marketing plan for all 7 categories of marketing: Online Reviews, Buying Leads, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Websites, Social Media, Traditional Marketing. See baseline and x factors side by side to improve sales.

Review Strategy Checklist

Set up a reliable way to gain feedback form every customer while funneling happy customers to leave you online reviews.  These reviews help improve Google positioning and revenue. 

Calculate Traffic To Hit Sales Goals

Ever wish you could set a sales goal and know exactly how to hit it? With the interactive calculator now you can. 

20+ Free Marketing Tools

The best things in life are free. Now you can have a short list of the top 20 tools that are free to marketing your business successfully. I learned them over the last 10 years and you get them instantly minus 10 years of effort. 

Self-Serve Competitive Audit

Now you can compare your business to the competition yourself, no need to contact a marketing company. The simple audit will identify where you are week and were you can exploit your competitors weaknesses in marketing to dominate locally. 

Free Website Template

This website is an $800 value and the best optimized local website ever. I've put in all the triggers that help customers trust you enough to hand over their money and take action like call you. You've never customized a WordPress website this fast before. 

High Performance Dashboard

Imagine holding in your hand an instant snapshot of your business and marketing. With a simple glance you can identify what steps to take to improve revenue. Here are example dashboards that do just that.

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