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Small Business Owners

1-Page Marketing Plan

Simple no "nonsense" marketing plan for all 7 categories of marketing: Online Reviews, Buying Leads, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Websites, Social Media, Traditional Marketing

Review Strategy & Checklist

Set up a reliable way to gain feedback form every customer while funneling happy customers to leave you online reviews.  These reviews help improve Google positioning and revenue. 

Website Conversion Rate & Checklist

I tear apart websites and reveal the 1-page checklist to make your websites awesome. I also show of some calculators and tools to help you set realistic goals for your sales and marketing. 

Effective Facebook Advertising

I cover making your Facebook ads effective. I show you some restaurant ads and walk you through what makes them work or not work. Most importantly how to build your list.

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I can't promise results but I can promise you that you can take control of your online marketing like so many others have.